Our Policies

Safety Policies

Health and safety comes first - always and without exception

Our commitment to health and safety applies to everyone - from project team members to people in communities in which we work.

Our health and safety policies and procedures meet the highest national standards set by the Health and Safety Executive and our performance is highlighted by our OHSAS 18001 accreditation by BSI. We maintain these high standards with regular health and safety courses for all staff members, helping us stay well ahead of the industry. Our project and resident liaison teams work closely with local police, schools, colleges and residents to ensure that our projects are undertaken safely and without risk to people and communities.

Innovation underlies everything we do, and health and safety is no exception. We aim to:

  • Carry out all operations in accordance with legislation and our company health and safety policy
  • Provide independent advice and inspections for our sites through the Microbuilt Safety Inspectors.
  • Ensure all staff members undertake appropriate health and safety training
  • Provide induction and training processes on our sites to determine competencies and adequate health and safety awareness for operatives and visitors
  • Operate a staff committee to focus on health and safety issues
  • By working with communities to understand their specific needs, we continue to meet the highest health and safety standards while giving people peace of mind that their safety is our number one priority.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System are designed not only to achieve zero workplace accidents, but eliminate the risk of such accidents from our workplaces. With this system, Microbuilt sets policies and targets each year, and works through a Plan, Do, Check, Action (PDCA) cycle to eliminate or reduce the potential risks for workplace accidents. We also share expertise and take measures to foster an organizational culture that prioritizes safety.

Initiatives for the Prevention of Workplace Accidents

Targets and Priority Measures

We made eliminating fatal accidents one of our targets for the year 2015, by carrying out the following priority measures.

1. Prevent occupational accidents under the leadership of the project manager
2. Prevent falling accidents
3. Prevent machinery accidents
4. Increase health and safety management capabilities
5. Promote creation of healthy work environments
6. Prevent damage to third-parties due to accidents

Two Major Initiatives

To prevent faults in safety equipment and unsafe behaviour on construction sites, we are rigorously implementing the following measures.

Initiative for Enhancing On-Site Inspections

Our employees and supplier supervisors check directly on the implementation of safety measures at worksites. Any faults are corrected on the spot.

Initiative to Encourage Calling

Under our construction site rules, workers who see someone doing something unsafe are required to verbally caution them. We strive to make an environment where people can call out each other freely.

Quality Policy

Microbuilt Contracting MBC is one of the leading names in community regeneration and affordable housing for United Arab Emirates Dubai. In addition to providing sustainable solutions to the region's housing shortages, we are in a process to be acknowledged as one of the leading names for quality and value in education and healthcare construction.

The Directors of Microbuilt Contracting MBC are conscious of the need to:

1. Sustain and improve the high quality of building contracting services provided by the company
2. Ensure that all contractual requirements between the company and its Clients are consistently achieved
3. Ensure that Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental, Sustainability and Welfare requirements are properly integrated, applied and maintained
4. Continually try to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System operated by Micro built Construction MBC.

In order to ensure that the aims of this Policy are met, the company has developed and implemented a Micro built Management System, which has been developed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Conformance with the requirements of the Microbuilt Management System is mandatory for all members of staff engaged in the provision of building contracting services.

This policy is subject to review at the Bi-Annual Management Review in order to ensure its continued relevance and strategic fit with both our environmental and business values and objectives.

Quality Management System:

Microbuilt has implemented a quality management system (QMS) conforming to ISO 9001, under which we practice integrated quality management with a commitment to continuous quality improvement, at all stages from planning to design, construction, and after-handing Over Product services.

The Manager of QMS receives reports from Site QMS office, as well as making visiting inspections. Through these reports and inspections, the Manager regularly confirms that the QMS is appropriate and effective.

Based on the results of these confirmations, the Manager of QMS work to shear policies and promote our QM measures

QMS-Review Report:
1. Process supervision evaluation results
2. Internal and external audits results
3. Information on customer satisfaction
4. Information on in house inspection of completed construction, etc
1. And Process Improvements
2. Construction Quality Improvements
3. Management resources required for Process improvement and Construction quality.

Use of Tablet Phone:

We have been providing tablets to on-site engineers managing construction. The tablet contains lots of information needed for on-site management, such as blueprints and specification sheets. Other important data not stored on the tablets can be confirmed quickly via download from cloud-based servers when needed. The tablets also enable inspection result data to be recorded on-site through the use of an original on-site inspection support system developed in-house (inspection systems for reinforcing bar arrangements, equipment, and finishing inspections). We are creating a construction management system that takes maximum advantage of the key characteristics of tables-mobility and visual capabilities-to enable us to respond even more quickly to what is happing on-site.

Use of BIM

We utilize BIM(Building Information Modelling)in the building construction field to construct computer-based models of buildings, as a visualization technique. The models integrate three-dimensional form information as well as information on material and component specifications and attribute such as costs and finishing.

Sustainable Development Policy

MICROBUILT Contracting (MBC) is one of the Emerging names in community regeneration in construction industries (Commercial and Housing) for Dubai state. In addition to providing sustainable solutions to the Construction Projects, we are in a process to be the leading names for quality and value in construction Projects.

MICROBUILT Construction (MBC) is committed to delivering quality community developments which address the needs of both today’s and future generations, whilst at the same time minimising the impact of our developments on the environment, as further detailed in our Environmental Policy.

We aim to achieve this through the promotion and utilisation of building systems, products and processes that protect future resources whilst addressing social, community and economic issues. This Policy therefore makes the following commitments;

1. To recognise the wider impact of our construction works through integrated Community Development and Environmental initiatives in line with our BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
2. To be aware of, and comply with, all relevant legislation, industry guidance and voluntary agreements with regard to sustainable development and environmental protection.
3. To work with Clients, Consultants, Suppliers, Subcontractors and all other relevant stakeholders to develop and promote sustainable construction and environmental best practice.
4. To develop and implement environmental management plans for each project, including (but not limited to) remediation and biodiversity strategies, and measures to ensure the control of nuisances during construction such as dust, noise, traffic and visual impact.
5. To reduce the amount of waste generated from site operations and implement reuse and recycling measures where appropriate.
6. To provide appropriate training for all employees to allow MICROBUILT Construction MBC to deliver the commitments as detailed in this Policy.
7. To deliver project-specific requirements with respect to both EcoHomes and The Code for Sustainable Homes
8. To encourage standardisation in the design and specification of our projects in order to generate cost efficiencies, reduce defects and improve buildability
9. To meet Life-Time Homes and Secured by Design design and specification standards (wherever practical)
10. To ensure our construction processes, methodologies and material selections minimise CO2 emissions
11. To reduce the water consumption associated within our construction processes, and support initiatives that reduce end-user water consumption
12. To encourage the specification and use of A-rated building materials as defined in the Dubai Municipality Green Guide to Specification
13. To encourage the use of alternative methods of construction (e.g. Modern method of Construction MMC and offsite manufacturing) in order to improve the overall sustainability performance of our projects
14. To help identify (wherever possible) the Whole Life Costing performance of our developments in order to assist our Clients in the ongoing development of their specifications, with the aim of reducing their running and maintenance costs
15. To maintain records, benchmark our performance, and regularly communicate our performance with respect to this Policy

This policy is subject to periodic review in order to ensure its continued relevance and strategic fit with both our sustainability and business values and objectives.

Pollution Control Policy (Noise)

Microbuilt Construction is one of the leading names in community regeneration and affordable housing for Dubai United Arab Emirates. In addition to providing sustainable solutions to the region’s housing shortages, we are in a process to be acknowledged as one of the leading names for quality and value in education and healthcare construction.

One aspect of meeting our environmental objectives is our commitment to pollution prevention; we recognise that some of the operations and processes involved in delivering our projects will have an adverse impact in relation to noise pollution.

We recognise that noise and vibration can:

  • Cause disturbance to processes and activities in neighbouring buildings;
  • Noise and vibration can cause serious disturbance and inconvenience to those exposed to it;
  • Noise and vibration can be a hazard to health.

Microbuilt Construction makes the following commitments:

  • To promote good health and a good quality of life through the effective management of our operational noise and vibration.
  • To avoid significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life.
  • To mitigate and minimise adverse impacts on health and quality of life.
  • Where possible, to contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life.

Microbuilt Construction is committed to sustainable development and working to secure a healthy environment in which we and future generations can prosper.

This policy fully complies with all current legislation and is subject to periodic review in order to ensure its continued relevance to both our environmental and business values and objectives.

Complaints Procedure

MBC Construction is committed to delivering the highest quality service possible at all times; however, we acknowledge that occasionally complaints may arise

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service or consideration that you receive from us, this complaints procedure should help you to tell us that you think something has gone wrong or we could do something better.

1. In person at one of our sites
2. By writing to us
3. By phoning us
4. By emailing us

You can make your complaint in whatever form is most convenient to you.

All of our sites are registered under the Considerate Constructor Scheme and posters are displayed on our site hoardings showing the contact details for both the Site Management Team as well as the scheme itself.

Should you wish to complain directly to our Head Office, contact details including email and website links are shown at the bottom of this procedure.

For projects involving occupied refurbishment, we will normally have a site based Resident Liaison Officer who will communicate and operate a scheme specific complaints procedure geared directly to residents within whose homes we are working.

For other occupied premises, ie schools, health buildings etc, a similar scheme specific complaints procedure geared to the operational environment will be used.

If you telephone us, the complaint will be logged. Whoever takes your call will attempt to resolve the issue for you. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive at this stage you can submit a formal complaint in writing.

If your complaint is in writing (including fax or email) we will acknowledge it by return and pass it to the appropriate staff member for action. If your complaint cannot be resolved by the person initially dealing with it, it will be directed to the relevant senior member of staff.

It is our intention that complaints will be responded to within seven working days. If a full response cannot be given within seven working days (eg when a matter is very complex or where we have to consult a third party on the matter) you will be informed of the progress being made with your complaint.

The Director accepts full responsibility for effective complaints handling.

In all cases, we treat your correspondence in strict confidence, with fairness and objectivity.

If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, you may wish to seek advice from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Email: info@microbuilt.ae

Website: www.microbuilt.ae